Anexis LLC

Laurence Berlowitz Tarrant, Ph.D.
Founder, President, and CEO
Doctorate in developmental genetics UC Berkeley
Postdoctoral: MRC Epigenetics U Edinburgh CH Waddington
Former Professor of Biology, New York University culminating a successful university research and teaching career.
Since 1984, successful entrepreneur at the interface between materials science and cell biology.
Founded Histogenics Corporation in 2000, at various times, CEO, Chairman, and CSO. Histogenics is now concluding Phase III trails on its first product. Resigned in October 2012 to develop novel products in tissue regeneration.

Hans Claesson, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Development
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Ph.D. Polymer Science, 1993-2003.
Claesson has worked in collagen and other biopolymers since 1998.
Cohesion Technologies / Angiotech Pharma, 2003-05
Developed cGMP technologies for production of unique collagen bioadhesives and scaffolds. Continued to develop these material at Histogenics Corporation 2005-2011 where he was coinventor of VeriCartĀ® and where he developed hands-on an improved process for the scaffold used in the manufacture of their phase iii clinical trial product NeoCartĀ®. Before joining our current team he was at Smith and Nephew working with similar materials.

Toshimasa Tokuno, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Osaka University (B.S. , Mechanical Engineering),
Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Engineering, Rice Oniversity
More than 35 years working for various medical device companies in both Japan and the US, having gained experiences not only as a marketing, regulatory and business-development specialist but also as a corporate executive.
Tokuno has extensive knowledge in various medical fields such as cardiovascular and orthopedic surgeries along with mechanical engineering and material science background, which helped many manufacturers to develop and improve their products.
While working for Sun Medical Technology Research Corporation (Nagano, Japan), responsible for setting up its US subsidiary and to getting the IDE from FDA. Also assumed a major role in receiving the CE Marking on Evaheart LVAS.